Sam Thomas – Gottleib receives Orders

photo credit: Jelle S


Sam Thomas
Gottleib receives Orders

Walk there as dusk falls into evening.
Putting your life on the line isn’t cat-play.
Send only secret disclosures. Always encrypt.
Check the looking-glass.

A shadow and secret Octopus has grown and grown,
The Key Stranger has telexed. This I can prove.
Assume that your adversary has your private key.
The Queen should know.

Retain the names of Agencies and what they seize.
Detain. Maintain. Degree of Control. Entrap.
If your Travel Companion rats out, unseen…
– Go into hiding –

Be the outlier character in each new code;
Blend in; out of protocol. Don’t look wolfish.
Between assigned lovers, document [Document!], is what you do.
Promise them the world.