Sam Thomas – Gottleib, in the Flesh!

photo credit: Jelle S


Sam Thomas
Gottleib, in the Flesh!

I tried to remember. There was a crowd of them.
I told them I couldn’t remember, to fuck off.
Still she followed me.
Said she was my friend, was, had been.
I can’t remember, I said. Another said she’d been
my sister. An old one, grey-haired; my mother.
I’ve forgotten everything, you understand?
Everything! Amnesia! I can’t help it!
I lied.

She followed me down the sidewalk to my
box where I did my poses. Forget it! I said.
I was trying to get them to do something
bad, something they’d remember. Not a chance.
I ran down the street, and the lights dimmed
and the pavement turned to paper.