Kate Potts – Iron Horse


Kate Potts
Iron Horse
[ahy-ern hawrs]

n (pl iron horses)

  1. A mechanical stallion, mare or gelding. A contraption harnessing limbwork to whorl and feather spoke and wheel, engaging pedal and chain to centrifugal swing, streaking blue momentum. A wheel-blessed ungulate built for crouch, for an arrowing of chin.
  2. A hobby horse, un-tethered: steel-blue, or blue as quinine under UV will glow. I will pet and settle its aluminium spine. When my heels swivel, lift and engage — a point of departure.
  3. A feat of balance — an act of pure will (sl). Wheezy-drunk, you cross the heath in a zigzag, tacking your bicycle-craft across the grassland. I keep you aloft and afloat and ballasted, singing Molly Malone in strict three-four time.
  4. An aeroplane, tensing its whip-spun wheels from the runway, hangs like stopped breath.


from A General Dictionary of Magic