John Kinsella – Graphology Mutations 20

photo credit: Wyman Laliberte


John Kinsella
Graphology Mutations 20

A true report fell to the ear of the Queen of Sheba.
She acted with commerce. She saw for herself.

Gifts resulted in gifts. An orgy of gifting.
Mutually served, they rose in othered esteem.

What does this mean in a state built on mining?
Semi-precious stones, large loads of base metals.

Under the scrub. Precious metals & towns beholden.
We look for transmutation. Machinery grinding us down.

But you work around it. And that’s tragic.
Sky interrupted with dying birds. Spreadsheets.

What possesses to chronicle? Collect & collate seedpods.
Identify. A rockhound making garlands of ingress.