Kimberly Grey – System of After


Kimberly Grey
System of After

Even, happenstance, even if we were differently young. Even at home
after the reachings, the glance. Even after we were in the business of after.
Even when it’s heavy and hurts. Even when we could pair it with now.
Even if there was a boat I could take back to you. Even if the hothouse
resembles the world in its inability to calm down. Lict Lict Lict. Even enough
of it now. How do you say bursting in every language? Even I don’t know it.
Even if we love memory. Even if we use it as a way to devotion. The future
hasn’t happened yet but still it is happening. Even when it tries not to.
Curiosity happens faster. Devotion is a cricket’s song. Even when it’s not.
Even when we dragged it around like a block of light just to see if it lasted.
Even when it breaks. Even when we know it will break. Let’s be shocked,