A Note from the Editors

photo credit: Jelle S

A Note from the Editors

Following a lamentably protracted summer interval we are pleased to bring you the latest issue of the Harlequin, featuring new and exciting writing from Scotland, Northern Ireland, the Netherlands, Australia and the United States. Accompanied by a new selection of evocative images, this quarter’s poetry is provided by some of our favourite writers comprising John Kinsella, William Woolfitt, Medbh McGuckian, Cindy Hunter Morgan, Kierstin Bridger and Wayne Price. In prose, a narrative series of poetic paragraphs by Bridport-Prize-winning Tracey Slaughter accompanies the unique voice of Bette Adriaanse, whose debut novel is on the cusp of publication.

Again we would like to thank everyone who has contributed their poetry, fictions, essays, photographs and ideas to The Harlequin. We’re excited about this issue, and are looking forward to putting together the next.

Read it here.

The Editors


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