A Note from the Editors

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A Note from the Editors

Hello there. We’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you once again to all our contributors, and to everyone who have submitted work, whether it has been selected or not; it is the strength of the submissions we receive that allows us to do what we do, and ensures that we are proud of every issue we put out.

The Harlequin is a small operation; we don’t make money from the magazine, so word-of-mouth is incredibly important to us to survive and grow. So if you enjoy what we’re doing here, please do consider spreading the word to your friends and colleagues. It means a lot to us when people do, and we thank you for it.

Anyway, to the issue at hand. Once again, we’ve got some great stuff for you, and we’re very pleased to feature a couple of pieces of non-fiction for the first time in a while (both of which we hope – and think – you’ll enjoy as much as we have). We’ve also got some superb new poems from Kathy Fagan and a powerfully disquieting story from Adrian Van Young, alongside a lot of excellent, exciting work from a mixture of new and emerging voices. It’s a goody!

The Editors


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