A Note from the Editors

photo credit: Diane Marie Kramer

A Note from the Editors

After a brief hiatus, The Harlequin returns with an issue full of new writing in both poetry and prose, as well as an engrossing interview with the British poet, writer, and broadcaster, Paul Farley. We’d like to thank all the writers and photographers who have shared their work in this issue, and offer special congratulations to Fanny Howe, whose collection Second Childhood has recently been selected as a finalist for the National Book Award in the United States.

As with all of our issues, we’re immensely proud to feature some of the best writing around, and are grateful to be able to read the varied and accomplished work of all those who have submitted to us over the past few months. We’d like to thank everyone for their patience over this especially busy period.

With eleven contributors, this is our fullest issue to date. We hope you enjoy it.

The Editors


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