A Note from the Editors

photo credit: J Õta

A Note from the Editors

Approaching the end of the Harlequin’s first year, it’s incredibly gratifying to see that the quality of the work we’ve been lucky enough to publish is being matched by the quality of the many submissions we are receiving. We’re very grateful for all the work we are sent, and it’s flattering that we are now attracting the attention of so many accomplished writers – a fact which gives us great hope for the future of the magazine. And without everyone who has read, shared, submitted and contributed to the Harlequin in its inaugural year, it wouldn’t exist at all, so we wanted to say thanks very much to all of you excellent people. Thank you!

So, to the issue at hand. We’re very delighted with the work we’re able to present to you in this new edition, and very happy to allow it to speak for itself. So without further preamble, here’s issue 4. We hope you like it as much as we do.

The Editors


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