Joe Dresner – let the potato see the pot


Joe Dresner
let the potato see the pot

Suddenly the landscape is swept by a mild piercing rain. Although one end is a pure idealization which can never be realized by virtue of the very definitions we use, the other end is inevitable, something we are always working towards and preparing for without ever looking at directly for too long.

The local magnate caused the prelate to be thrown into the well while his young assistant was forced to consume the great wax seal which authenticated the judgement he was sent to show the people, and our own peccadilloes are some way from this, although there is still something not quite right, there is some painterly gesture or structural device missing from an otherwise promising composition.

And then you were running over sand striped with shifting light and shadow, you were singing as you went, some atonal song, and although it meant something it didn’t touch anything inside of you, only things on the outside of you. Let the potato see the pot, I would have said, let the crank see the shaft, let the applicant see the long winding queue.

The law in this instance is represented by tassels and fringes which fall conveniently from items of clothing, but are also grown from the hair of particularly pious members of the community. It has something to do with the poems but not too much, they are tenants of a shared building who cooperate but do not reveal their innermost thoughts and social lives to each other, but often do the important things, such as complaining about things and arranging for things to be done. The fish was cooked to perfection.

And so I retreated to the depths of you to consider the small humiliations of the world, and the warm night beyond.